The Still Life genre brings together the most important elements of painting; color, form, composition, and light. This paintings are exercises, interior landscapes, symbols, they are the beauty captured before it dies.

Fresias. 33x46cm. Oil on linen.Fresias. 33x46cm. Oil on linen.

Limón colgado.27x35cm. Oil on linen.Limón. 27x35cm. Oil on linen.

"March". 54x65 cm. Oil on linen.March. 54×65 cm. Oil on linen.

"Lemon". 22x27 cm. Oil on panel.Lemon. 22×27 cm. Oil on panel.

Ammonites. 12×16 cm. Oil on panel.

"Present". 22x27. Oil on panel.Present. 22×27. Oil on panel.

Iris, snail and stones. 80x80cm. Oil on panel.

Present II. 16×22 cm. Oil on linen.

"Dice". 12x16 cm. Oil on panel.Dice. 12×16 cm. Oil on panel.