After an endless winter, nature responds with a sun that never sets, for three months, life runs as fast as it can. The forest and the crops are covered in green, inside them, lives the summer.


Mullikat. 41x41cm. Oil on linen.Mullikat. 41x41cm. Oil on linen.

Summer Window. 27x35cm. Oil on panel.Summer Window. 27x35cm. Oil on panel.

"Sauna". 18x14 cm. Oil on panel.Sauna. 18×14 cm. Oil on panel.

Koivut. 27x35cm. Oil on panel.

"Going to Hamina". 22x16 cm. Oil on panel.Going to Hamina. 22×16 cm. Oil on panel.

"Tepan kengat". 9x12cm. Oil on panel.Tepan kengat. 9x12cm. Oil on panel.

Navetta. 14x18cm. Oil on panel.Navetta. 14x18cm. Oil on panel.