Winter in Finland is a long dream. The light rises from the ground, and the snow that falls from the sky, covers everything with mystery and silence. Talvi is a pictorial compendium of these sensations which are, after all, the transition of time.



The last winter. 195x100 cm. Oil on linen.The last winter. 195×100 cm. Oil on linen.


"Kalastaja". 24x19 cm. Oil on panelKalastaja. 24×19 cm. Oil on panel


"Vanha Sauna". 92x73 cm. Oil on linen.Vanha Sauna. 92×73 cm. Oil on linen.


"In the snow". 24x19cm. Oil on panel.In the snow. 24x19cm. Oil on panel.


"Silence". 92x73cm. Oil on linen.Silence. 92x73cm. Oil on linen.


"Eero on the frozen sea". 21x15cm. Watercolour.Eero on the frozen sea. 21x15cm. Watercolour.


"Frozen Island". 92x73cm. Oil on linen.Frozen Island. 92x73cm. Oil on linen.


"Malmila". 146x97 cm. Oil on linen.Malmila. 146×97 cm. Oil on linen.


Kaislikko. 92x73cm. Oil on linen.Kaislikko. 92x73cm. Oil on linen.